Sharpie pen launch kit

Sharpie® S-GEL Influencer Kit

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The Goal

Create an appealing box to send to media and influencers to inspire product use and promotion.

  • Display three pens and a notepad in a sleek, giftbox-type structure.
  • Client requested black box with pens placed in black foam for a classy presentation.
  • Cost-effectively create the design, engineer the structure, produce, assemble, and bulk ship — all through one source.

The Result

A sleek, black box that features the branding of Sharpie S-GEL pens. When opened, the receiver is greeted by three colors of S-GEL pens and a tear pad to immediately try them out. (Also included in the shipment was a handwritten note from the sender.) We were able to design, produce, assemble, and bulk ship.

Sharpie pen launch kit
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