Elmers Slime launch kit

Elmer’s® Slime Kit

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The Goal

Create a vibrant, portable case used by sales associates to display new Elmer's glue and slime-making products.

  • Structure needs to be easy to carry and hold the weight of 11 glue and 5 slime activator bottles.
  • Client would like bottles to be immobile and have identifying copy around them.
  • Contain key sales items, including a USB, sell sheet and retail sample packages for customer review and shelf consideration.
  • Create the design, engineer the structure, produce, assemble, pack and ship — all through one source.

The Result

A colorful, briefcase-size corrugate structure that displays Elmer's Glue and Slime Activator. Held in die-cut foam overlaid with a printed sheet, the products do not shift in transport. The foam is removable to place sample retail packages underneath. The kit also includes key sales items – sell sheet and USB – to help efficiently drive sales. We were able to design, produce, assemble, pack and ship the final package to 75+ addresses.

Elmers Slime launch kit
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